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I've always wanted to see an animated interpretation of those pit easter eggs in Mario Maker, and this one by far excelled. I loved every second of this.

Truly a masterpiece!

Although it took so very utterly long for the next episode to come out, you still came through! I haven't been disappointed with the series at all so far! You truly know your way around spriting, story-writting, and all-around animating! I can always follow the story really well, and never get lost and confused about what happened. And you really know how to add the right touch of comedy just to lighten the mood so it doesn't appear to be a purely dramatic, serious series. The graphics and animations are as always well made and smooth. I seriously cannot wait for the next episode to come out! Keep up the great work!

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Level 26 was the only one that stumped me, otherwise it's a fair puzzle game that progressively got more challenging. Although the controls took some getting used to (a better control scheme like a "ASWQ" key combination would have been better for the keyboard), it was very easy to pick up and enjoyable to play through.

Not a terribly great platformer, in fact the first game, with all of its wonky hit boxes, felt a lot better crafted than this. There's way too much trial and error than I would like here, though if there was some kind of checkpoint system it would be far less tedious. Otherwise not a terribly fun game and doesn't stand out enough from the previous installment.

I can't say I like how the game controls. The hitboxes are wonky, there's a weird lag when you have over a certain number of plumbers on screen at the same time, not to mention some very mean medals that take a little more dexterity than I would like in a casual flash game. It has charm and a nice subversion to the traditional Mario platforming tropes, but I wish it played better.

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A spectacular remake of Milky Ways, which I honestly feel is wasted on something as unimpressive as Dub Dash. This is something I would gladly get from a standalone album.

Oh man!

This is a beautiful Remix of the Pokemon Battle from Red and Blue! The Drum and Bass are just a perfect amount of rhythm! Magnificent song!

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I really love how stylized the coloring is here, in addition to the damn good figure work. Nice job!

I really love the tonedness of her figure, and that arm tattoo is exceptionally detailed, I love it!

Holy shit this ROCKS. The design here is super stylish, and I just love how crisp the lighting looks. Awesome job~

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I draw terrible things, mostly Pokémon. Also I'm sometimes a graphic designer by day. Enjoy your stay~

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